Why are you here?

Do you know . . . .

  • Who you are?
    • Why you are here?
      • Where you’re going?

If your life’s work and purpose is clear – congratulations.  Keep going because it’s a work in progress that you will never finish, it will just keep growing.

If you seem caught up in frenetic activity with little to show for it or are just plain “stuck”, then consider making an investment in yourself to see different results.

Those of us in philanthropy know that if we don’t have our own aspirations clearly defined, then we can’t do the good work we desire – – and we won’t have the confidence to share that clarity with others and invite them to partner in our cause.

Some time ago, I defined my OPUS and married a Playbook of Productive Action to the vision.  I have made progress and am more focused than ever on where I spend my energy.  The understanding I’ve gained and the people I have met because of that focus has transformed my world from confusion and frustration to clarity and satisfaction.

Would you like that too?  If so, then I invite you to join a group of people intent on designing their own personal and organizational OPUS documents so that they can enjoy success, significance and security.  This is for anyone involved in building up nonprofits, communities and businesses.  It’s for any one who wants to grow and be even more effective in improving the lives of others.

The  sessions begin in April, and space is limited so that we can keep the discussion focused and meaningful for all.  Since this is done via web calls, you can be anywhere in the world to participate.  There is a one-time fee of $87 for the 6 weekly sessions, plus 6 months of coaching calls. Please contact me immediately if you have questions so we can reserve your space. Or go straight to Eventbrite and sign up now.

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