Words are important – FREE valuable resources

Words have meaning, create powerful images and trigger emotions.


The professional marketers at MarketSmart know and understand how to use words to create images and stimulate emotions that lead to more planned giving prospects.  They have 2 FREE resources based on the work of Dr. Russell James that give valuable insight into what to say, and what NOT to say, in your planned gift / major gift marketing programs.

In these two free ebooks, you will learn how to facilitate meaningful conversations with donors using carefully chosen words and phrases.

Check out this research soon, you will want to begin to implement the principles of powerful speech in all your communications immediately.  It’s simple but amazing . . .

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  1. Russell James’ research is stellar. The free resources he has provided through MarketSmart are indeed valuable. I’m glad you’ve shared this with your readers.

    Your readers might also appreciate reading the following articles about careful word choices:

    “5 Words or Phrases that Can Cause Donors to Cringe”

    “7 Magical Words to Earn Respect, Trust, and Appreciation”

    “Power Words that Inspire”

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