The Executor’s $1.2 Million Mistake

You don’t have to be the Astors or Anna Nicole Smith to have big estate troubles; here’s what happened to the $12.5 million estate of the widow of a UPS worker.


According to The Financial Awareness Foundation.  Over 50% of Americans do not have an updated estate plan.  Is yours one of them? 

If you don’t have a well-documented estate plan with executed documents, your family may be put under a great deal of stress.  All the plans and dreams you had for them and others may vanish.  This goes for your charitable intentions as well.

Estate Planning is part of a comprehensive financial plan.  It directs who gets what and when if you become incapacitated or die and cannot make decisions about your affairs yourself. However, it is important to get input from a team competent professionals so that all you desire to be realized can actually happen.  Don’t leave it to chance

April will be National Financial Literacy month.  Check out these resources to get an early start on your lifestyle and legacy planning:

Masterwork of Philanthropy – your OPUS

The Financial Awareness Foundation

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