Mastermind GROUPS

Experience SUCCESS in ANY endeavor

Imagine – 5 years from now, your organization is running smoothly and you have enough revenue to innovate and implement any project.  Collaborate with donors instead of begging them for help.  If this is what you desire, read on . . .

The experts agree, to survive and thrive in this environment, non-profit organizations will have to think way outside the box.  In fact, you will have to invent a whole new box.  Innovation, more meaningful relationships, and excellence are the key to successful fundraising and services.

The Mastermind Groups program is an on-going system that uses proven techniques to generate MORE revenue in less time and with less effort.

Mastermind Groups are:

  • —  5-6 like-minded individuals who gather for
    • —  Regular conversations to
      • —  Study common material and to provide
        • —  Mutual support,  that
          • —  Promotes success for every individual in the group.

Who should join a Mastermind Group?

Non-profit staff  – Board Members – Donors – Volunteers

We will be starting a new Mastermind Group in August – our first selection will be “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall – contact Laura to join the conversation! or 614.915.4324 (USA)

Whether you wish to join a Gift Planning Mastermind Group or build a customized program for your whole organization . . . we can get you on the track to higher performance with less effort and less time.

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