All There Is To Learn About Global Philanthropy

Q: Tell me a bit about Global Philanthropy Group. A: We are a group of passionate people working to make the world a better place – it’s as simple as that. We founded Global Philanthropy Group (GPG) eight years ago because we saw a lot of influential people who wanted to […]


Of particular interest is the comment on the trends in philanthropy that GPG observes.  Note that people of all backgrounds, economic levels and ages are becoming philanthropists.  

People don’t wait until “end of life” – they want to be part of the good that is happening.  They don’t just want to be a piggy bank for a nonprofit.  And the best part – philanthropy is not just for the super-wealthy.  Middle-market business owners and C-suite execs especially seem to be looking for new and unique ways to be involved.

Everywhere you look, you will find donors / clients who want to be engaged with their philanthropy.  How are you making that happen for them so that they can be part of the new trends?  What do you offer to those who want to help beyond “click and give” or a check?

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