Paradigm Shift – Part 2

Here is a “David Letterman” List of the different methods of annual fundraising  – from least effective to most effective.  Source:  Center for Philanthropy, Indiana University

 * Media/Advertising

* “Door-to-Door”

*Special Event

*Impersonal telephone/telemarketing


*Impersonal letter/direct mail/internet

*Telephone solicitation – warmer prospects

*Personalized letter/direct mail/internet

*Personal letter/personal telephone call

*Face-to-face (transition to long-term)

Where are you spending your time?  If you are not concentrating on getting the face-to-face, one-on-one conversations, you are going to be disappointed in your fundraising efforts.  It doesn’t mean that you stop doing all the others, but you should be spending 80% of your time on the last 2 methods. 

“But,”  you exclaim, “I don’t have time to meet with all the people!”

Of course you don’t.  That’s why you have to train effective ambassadors in a systematic, purposeful process.  Create a referral network with the power to transform your fundraising.  This system has worked for millions of individuals and businesses – it is a PROVEN process that gets people out of their caves and into the arena of advocacy.  See for more information on PhilanthropyPlus and how you can get those face-to-face meetings!

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