Paradigm Shift

  The Paradigm has already shifted –

 It is clear that for non-profits to succeed and make a difference in our world, some attitudes, behaviors, and methods have to change immediately. We do not want to repeat 2009.

 The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported last autumn that 74% of donors surveyed said they were waiting for the economy to improve before they return to higher levels of philanthropic giving. And things don’t look as if they are going to become better for a while.

So, you wait and wait and wait.

But can you really afford to wait for outside circumstances to change?

To put a finer point on it –

  • Can those you serve, or could serve, afford for you to wait until you feel ready?
  • What is the cost to humankind for your delay?
  • Who suffers while you hesitate or keep “trying” the same old fundraising and management methods that have ceased to work?

 It is obvious that you will have to be proactive in your innovations in 2010. But where do you start? What is the process of finding and creating those innovations? That’s why I have created PhilanthropyPlus ™ . It is a turn-key system that allows non-profits to operate in the most effective areas of management and fundraising. It provides for immediate improvement while planting the seeds for long-term sustainability.

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