It’s Groundhog Day!

Do you ever get seduced into thinking that if you keep doing the same thing over and over that eventually it will work out?

In the movie, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray had to keep reliving the same day until he got it “right”.  However, he couldn’t get it “right” by repeating the same obnoxious behavior.  The point is that you can’t keep doing the same things repeatedly and expect your situation change:  You have to CHANGE your attitudes, behaviors, and methods.

Are you the leader of a non-profit?  What did 2009 look like for your organization?   Were you able to serve everyone you could have?  How do you feel about your realistic prospects in 2010? 

From my perspective, you have 2 choices: grow or close.  Can those you serve afford for you to disappear?

See this article for more discussion.

What is the one thing you feel you must change in your organization?  What must you do to make that change happen?  What will you lose (what will the community lose) if you do not change?

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