Fundraising’s Shiny Object Syndrome : New Social Velocity Blog Post


The ice bucket challenge is NOT a revenue stream – it’s a one-time infusion of capital.  It’s similar to any other event or campaign that nonprofits engage in – bake sale, social media, a disaster, Holiday drive, etc.  The key is capturing names and contact information and following up on the initial emotion and desire to help.  Use the “event” to build a process for sustainable, regular revenue.   Make it about meaningful philanthropy that is on-going.

Most nonprofits think they have a revenue / income problem and become so desperate for a quick and easy solution that they will try any gimmick.  But they don’t really have an income problem – they have a clarity problem that is affecting their on-going revenue stream.  Join one of our upcoming web calls to learn more about this approach to sustainable fundraising.

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