5 Undeniable Truths of Successful Fundraising

5 Undeniable TruthsLast year, CompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund conducted a study of the real challenge facing the development and fundraising efforts of nonprofit organizations.  The main theme I noticed was that all of the underlying causes of decline in revenue were internal to the organization.  Every problem, obstacle or challenge that the study researched has a solution that the organization could work on, control and manage. Nonprofit organizations can no longer embrace the idea that a “bad economy” or some other outside circumstance is the cause of their struggle.  The answers to the challenges definitely begin with work from the inside out.  If you want your organization to raise more money, foster new partnerships and widen the network of support then you must shift your attitude from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.  It also means that the accountability is focused squarely on the shoulders of ALL the people in the organization.

In a recent presentation, I discussed the main challenges and some general solutions to overcoming the obstacles that are preventing nonprofits from enjoying undeniable success in their fundraising.

See the slides from this presentation that I gave for a group of leaders responsible for development and advancement in their organizations – on SlideShare

If you’re interested in a walk-through on this or a deeper discussion on some immediate strategies to execute NOW, please contact me.

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