Money for Good 2015: There’s $22 Billion Up for Grabs

Collaborative philanthropy is key! Nonprofits need to wake up and find new ways of connecting donors to each other. Stop trying to isolate donors from each other, “manage” your relationships and control the process. Give donors an environment where they can know each other and come up with crowdsourced, open sourced, and crowdfunded solutions FOR you! Nonprofit leaders and fundraisers – you don’t have all the answers. Contact me for good tools to give your donors – – if you dare!

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Money for Good 2015: There’s $22 Billion Up for Grabs

Money for Good 2015 is out today, and, like its two predecessors, it offers plenty of food for thought.

Published by the Camber Collective (the result of the merger between Hope Consulting and SwitchPoint LLC), Money for Good 2015 examines donors’ motives for charitable giving and what they mean for philanthropy overall.

Here are some key findings from the 159-page report:

Donors Are Suspicious

Money for Good 2015: There’s $22 Billion Up for GrabsThe Money for Good team surveyed more than 3,000 people with household incomes greater than $80,000 (half of the group had incomes greater than $300,000). This audience represents the top 30 percent of US households and accounts for 75 percent of individual charitable donations. The team also interviewed more than 50 donors.

The results? Many donors don’t trust nonprofits. They don’t know how the organizations use their money, and they’re not sure who benefits from the gifts.

Donors Are Confused

Some 13 percent of donors feel…

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