Surpise Findings on Gender, Religion in Philanthropy

Women Give 2014 study finds greater generosity among non-religiously affiliated younger women.


Our local council of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning recently had a discussion on the topic of “courting women donors”.  However, I find the religious affiliation aspect of this much more interesting. . .

Giving to a beloved cause, message or institution apparently connects us to something very deep in our being.  Focused philanthropy that includes not only money but engagement, connection and growth can satisfy some basic human needs and take us up a “Golden Ladder” to a more fulfilled life.

Unfortunately, very few of us take the time to examine our lives, our deepest desires, our highest aspirations.  For many, life has become a series of live, work, raise a family, die.  But it doesn’t have to be that way – if you know how to change it.

The good news:  Including focus on good work in your daily life is not a “secret”.  Any of us can follow some basic disciplines to encourage abundant growth, meaning and generosity.  

I invite you to join The Bonsai Philanthropy cohort in May to get you ready for the next big thing your life.  We will cover the foundational discernment methods you need to guide you in decisions about your family life, work, finances and community.  I will be a great place to begin to grow rapidly and find a life of true success, signficance and security.

Interested?  Contact me

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