Steven Crandell: Anne and Michael Towbes Give Away the Secrets of Their Philanthropy Philosophy


The secret is:  There are no secrets to philanthropy! It’s for anyone – repeat – ANYONE.

Anne Smith Towbes and Michael Towbes are examples of Unleashed Abundance and collaborative philanthropy –

“My late mother-in-law (Sara Smith) used to say,

‘The more you give, the more you have to give.’
Just the philosophy of abundance. Whether you have the money or not,
(if) you have the time and the inclination, that’s abundance.”

— Anne Smith Towbes

We ALL have something to give – including you.  You don’t have to be a wealthy person to be a philanthropist; It just takes thoughtful planning and purposeful action. This article is packed full of actions any of us can take to make good work.  READ it and think on it . . .

If you’re now inspired to get your own philanthropy in gear but don’t know where to begin, then I invite you to join one of our Cohorts or Mastermind groups.  I know that you have the potential to be a great philanthropist in your own world, in your own way.  Begin today.

Attention nonprofit fundraisers:  Are you a philanthropist?  If not, consider becoming one, and suddenly you will have a peer-to-peer relationship with your donors.  It is a growth opportunity that will produce great new results in your work and your life.

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