Randy Fox Interviews Todd Fithian on Values | Carnegie Mellon University

Source: cmu.pgdc.com

Todd Fithian is one of the leaders in financial planning, and for good reason.  He knows that personal financial management is not all about numbers – it’s first and foremost about people and their values.  

A financial plan begins with stating financial goals – but there is a lot of prep work to be done before that can be defined clearly.  The client and all of his or her advisors need to understand the why behind those technical goals.  Why to you want a certain amount of income during retirement?  Why do you want to avoid (or embrace) risk?  Why are charitable donations important?

Fundraisers – this interview has vitally important thoughts for you to consider.  It will transform your “ask” into real philanthropy so that your organization can experience meaningful success.  Check it out.

Fithian and his late brother, Scott , wrote a book about “above the line planning” :  The Right Side of the Table.  His firm, The Legacy Companies, LLC, have published another book with an interesting title: The Future of You, Providing Clarity Where Life Intersects Wealth.

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