Obama Attacks Advisors Selling Snake Oil, Lauds New DOL Fiduciary Rule

The Department of Labor is pressing forward with a new conflict of interest rule for financial advisors.

Source: www.forbes.com

This is another in the series of blog posts about the important connection between a solid financial plan and purposeful charitable giving and philanthropic activity.

A comprehensive financial plan that considers all the areas of your life is critical to overall well-being.  It reduces stress and allows you to fulfill your most important goals.  But it can be difficult for the average person to wade through the confusion in marketing that’s out there.  Here are 2 key actions that you can take in order to keep control of your own personal success, security and significance:

  1. Educate yourself on financial planning – including estate plans and charitable giving plans
  2. Build a team of competent professionals around you – by including experts in comprehensive planning, law, taxes and investments, you can avoid the “snake oil” salesmen.
 What is the result?  You are no longer a victim of circumstance but have the ability to be a leader and influencer.

Once you know what you have, why and how you want it to grow and a clear road map for execution, you act with confidence and intent.  This will affect all areas of your life where you want to improve the lives of others – including your family, your neighbors and even those whom you will never meet.

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