The biggest cause of stress in America today

Survey looks at what’s stressing us out and who’s most affected by the psychological strain


Money – it’s not lack of money that causes stress.  It’s the perception of scarcity of money.  There is a simple solution to this scarcity mentality, however:  Financial planning.

Financial planning is more than putting together a budget.  It’s comprehensive, involving decisions about your lifestyle and your legacy.  It’s about examining not just financial goals but your life goals and the impact you want to make on the world.

It’s also about good estate planning – – over 50% of Americans do not have a current estate plan.  Why is this important? Because all the dreams and plans you have made may not be realized if you are disabled or die.  The hopes you have for your family and your community would come to a sudden halt and cause a lot of instability and stress for your family .. . .

And thus we circle back to STRESS. . . Join me in March to begin a journey of financial awareness that will connect you with meaningful purpose in your life.  I will be holding a series of web calls to explore how you can get your financial plan started and reduce the stress in your life.

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