Are You Ready for the Coming Storm?

If you are treating your major / planned gift donors as legal and financial transactions, as many nonprofits do, then don’t be surprised when those donors abandon you in difficult economic times. Let the donors in, let them have access within the framework of the overall strategy, let them be involved more and give them tools to be great ambassadors . . . this way, you can create ownership in their minds and hearts. When you inspire people to be more than a piggy bank for your organization, the benefits will be financial stability, meaningful impact and great work accomplished in the name of true philanthropy (LOVE of others).

Michael Rosen Says...

A storm is coming. It will affect the entire US economy. It will likely affect the global economy.

The nonprofit sector will not escape the impact. You need to prepare now.

Koyasan Umbrellas 3 by Andrea Williams via FlickrAs 2014 began to wind down, the US National Debt surpassed the $18 trillion mark! That’s over $154,000 of Federal government debt per taxpayer or more than $56,000 per citizen. During the six years of the Obama Administration, the US National Debt increased by nearly $7 trillion, representing 67 percent growth. And it’s still growing.

As if that’s not bad enough, the US Unfunded Liabilities total more than $92.5 trillion dollars, or more than $789,000 per taxpayer! It, too, continues to grow.

President Barack Obama, former-President George W. Bush, and the US Congress are all responsible for the rapid growth in the US National Debt since 2009 as well as the growth in the Unfunded Liabilities. So, I’m not…

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