Wealthy Not Confident in Philanthropic Approach | Philanthropy content from WealthManagement.com

Over the past decade, wealthy investors have increased their philanthropic donations by 36 percent, yet only one in five feel their approach to giving is very effective.

Source: wealthmanagement.com

The key is strategic planning – and that goes for the “middle market” philanthropists as much as for the wealthy.  You can plan your giving on purpose, with purpose.  It takes some serious consideration and discernment.  What are the values, beliefs and life lessons you want to share with others?  What organizations and people embody that?  How can you give effectively?  What are all the abundant treasures you have to share (not just your bank account)?

This is National Estate Planning Awareness Week . . . planning being the key word here.  This is an opportunity to look at our total financial situation and decide how we will spend our time, talent and treasure.  We are challenged to look to see how we will use that treasure to make an impact beyond our own lifetimes.

I encourage all of you to started setting aside money in a “philanthropy account” and to be intentional about how you will use that money.  The philanthropy account can be a simple bank account or a donor advised fund.   The intentional, strategic plan for the long-term impact of that money can be foggy – contact me for  discernment tools to help you gain clarity around the impact you want to make.

Nonprofits – these discernment tools can add great value to your donors’s lives and that of their families.  Contact me for the complete program.

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