The Powerful Art of Conversation in fundraising (part 1)

Full, Active, Conscious Participation – (prelude to The Changing Landscape of Philanthropy)

Julian Treasure at TED U. TEDGlobal 2009, July 21, 2009, in Oxford, UK.

Julian Treasure at TED – talking so people will listen

As those responsible for promoting non-profits, we are in the business of speaking so that others will actually listen and then act.  Too often, however, we experience just the opposite of our goal.  Our voices are just another noisy bit in the cacophony of fundraising “pitches” that leave a prospect donor (partner) disengaged, disnterested and distracted.  This TED talk by Julian Treasure identifies how we can adopt new habits in our speaking that leads to people who really want to give.  This is an area of personal communication that I suggest we all work on. (watch it on YouTube here…)

I am a church musician and a member of the Liturgy Committee at my local parish.  The goal of all that we plan and execute is this: full, active and conscious participation by all those present.   In order to inspire people to meaningful action, we need to give them an opportunity to be part of the drama, part of the mission.  Have you ever been in church (or a fundraising event) where everything seems to be just a big lead-up to the offertory?  How did that make you feel?

Now think about the times when you were so inspired and energized by someone’s spoken word that you felt part of the story yourself.  How did you feel?  What did the speaker do to excite those feelings?  What did you want to do as a result?

Practical application of Julian Treasure’s TED Talk in the world of philanthropy and fundraising:

We are hosting The Changing Landscape of Philanthropy – an event August 1st in Columbus, Ohio to work on these techniques and other ways you can build a community of active, engaged supporters . . . it is one event in a series of experiences where you can develop skills and methods to build a collaborative network of partners to grow your nonprofit rapidly and have greater impact.

For example, Joel Kessel of Kessel Communications is presenting on “Cashing In on Media Awareness”.  It is a 25,000-foot overview of getting in the media and telling your story so people will listen.

Sign up at Eventbrite:

Check out Julian Treasure’s other TED Talks on LISTENING – – they’re wonderful.  Then, join an Unleashed Abundance Cohort with other fundraisers to identify and reinforce the good habits of successful fundraising that you truly want to achieve.

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