Changing Landscape of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is changing in a lot of ways, but the most important is the disappearance of elitism.  “Philanthropy” in the 20th century was synonymous with the uber-wealthy and ultra-powerful.  Now, the small business owner and young professional have access to the methods of engaging and supporting nonprofits that were once reserved only for the most wealthy and influential.  Their “average abundance” can make an impact – and they know it.  As fundraisers and advisors to these people, we need to become aware that  they are becoming more thoughtful, purposeful and focused in their giving to nonprofit work.

questionThis is confirmed by the cutting-edge experts and researchers in the philanthropic arena :

What is your response to the changing landscape?  What do you have to do differently – beginning right now?

If you feel stuck, confused or anxious about your future role in philanthropy and nonprofit resource management, then contact me.  I am bringing together experts and partners in education experiences so that we can advance the public good with financial stability.  Look at the EVENTS tab and contact me to discuss what experience will suit your needs best:

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