Camels and Cows-End the Self-Sabotage in Fundraising

camel standingThere’s nothing wrong with wanting cows . . . unless you’re in the desert!

Many non-profits are sabotaging their own success in fundraising and aren’t even aware of it. They don’t understand the landscape and are frenetically pursuing a plan that won’t move them forward.  Could you be one?  . . . answer some of these questions:

  • How do you feel about current fundraising results overall?

  • How satisfied are you with the results of your Development Director? . . . your Board? . . . your own efforts?

  • How many champions do you have?

  • What does the donor database look like?

  • How many legacy gifts are in the pipeline?

  • How competent and experienced in business building is your development director? . . . Your board?  . . . . You?

  • How many development professionals has your org had in the last 8 years?  What is average tenure?

  • Have you created a caravan or a herd of cows?

Join Laura Waller-Miller on a free web call April 10, 2014 as she shares her own experience working with non-profit organizations and how they kill their own chances at undeniable success.  We will examine the key reasons why non-profit organizations are still under-performing in their fundraising and how you can reverse the trend in your own group.  For CEOs, Exec Directors, Board Members, Development Directors and non-profit leaders.

Even though this is a web call – space is limited – sign up NOW at Eventbrite

BONUS:  everyone who signs up will receive a FREE handbook:  Abundant Engagement.  This outlines a strategy with a  productive action plan for getting new money and resources in the door – IMMEDIATELY.  No matter where you are in your fundraising journey, you can use what you have at hand to start on a path of even greater success.

Sign up HERE (Eventbrite) – The event is free, but you must register to attend the call and receive a copy of Abundant Engagement

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