Baucus Issues Statement on Tax Reform and Charitable Giving

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Baucus Issues Statement at Public Hearing on Tax Reform and Charitable Giving.

Note the Senator’s comments on “partnership”.  As we highlighted last Friday in our radio interview with Ron Stebleton, cooperation and collaboration is the proven success model. (See RADIO tab to listen to the archived episode of Oct. 21, 2011)

Sen. Baucus also referenced how the history of the USA is closely connected with philanthropy. Our past success has depended upon it. Claire Gaudiani has offered in-depth analysis of the importance of citizen generosity throughout the last 3 centuries on this continent.

Despite the fact that the USA citizenry has a history of generosity and collaborative philanthropic action, fundraising and non-profit work is in crisis and the new paradigm is calling for different action. Don’t get me wrong, those of you in non-profit work are doing a great job, and you have big hearts.  However, it is plain to you that a new direction is in order.  You may feel adrift on the wide ocean of change, and your efforts may not be producing the desired changes . . .

Take control and manage your present situation – stop drifting with the wind and waves and use the wind and waves to sail a charted course successfully . . .

In our mastermind groups, we use a proven success model to connect your aspirations with purposeful, strategic action.  You can read books and attend seminars; but unless you have a group with mutual support, change will probably not happen. (Think about all the personal development books, seminars and workshops you’ve paid for and been to – how much truly became implemented and made a difference?)

Advocate for open and free expression of generosity, read Gaudiani’s books, and join a Mastermind for Non-Profits group to operate more effectively within the New Paradigm of Philanthropy.

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