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  • NON-PROFITS:  What are the most pressing issues facing your non-profit organization today?
  • DONORS:  Want to know the best methods to make authentic philanthropy work for you?
  • CORPORATIONS:  What can you do to make your customers and their communities stronger?
  • EVERYONE:  How can you be more – for yourself, your family, your organization, your world?

We created this blog and our radio show to bring experts to answer your questions about philanthropy and non-profit management.  We would like to provide information relevant to your work so that you can do more in less time and with less effort.  In addition, our goal is to inspire you to higher and more purposeful action.

If you have questions about, suggestions for, or have interest in a specific topic related to philanthropy and life, complete this form.  If you  have a particularly good example of non-profit excellence, share that with us.  Know of an inspiring story?  Let us know, and we may highlight it in an upcoming radio show, event or blog post.

We desire to highlight this information, inspiration and practical applications in our community with you. Your suggestions and questions will help us bring experts to your door so that you can be even better at MAKING GOOD WORK.

COMPLETE THE SUGGESTION FORM NOW.      Or email us with CONVERSATION in the subject line:



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