We All Want the Same Things

If you are visiting this page, then it is likely that you are at a place in your life where:

  • You want to be successful in your chosen field
  • You want to make a positive difference
  • You want to leverage the most of your time, money and talents
  • You want to develop new skills to become more productive
  • You want to be connected with like-minded people
  • You want to be more – for yourself, your family and your organization

 Most of you visiting this page also:

  •  Have at least one relationship in your organization that is an obstacle to growth
  • Are facing revenue and budget issues that threaten your organization’s existence
  • Have been hanging on to processes and paradigms that have ceased to work
  • Are looking for a miracle to happen . . .

 I am here to remind you that YOU are the miracle you have been waiting for:  You have unlimited potential. You can be, do and have anything you imagine and desire.  That goes for your organization as well.

 However, it takes definite, clear plans and the discipline to pursue your goals with relentless persistence.

 It also takes the courage to:

  • Abandon what has ceased to work
  • Embrace new methods of working and raising funds
  • Admit that you need to learn more than what you now know
  • Ask for collaborative and supportive assistance from others

 That is why we are forming MasterMind Groups for non-profit organizations.

 What do you experience in MasterMind Groups?

  •  Support – from your entire team and accountabilty partner
  • Revenue – improve your financial condition from new knowledge
  • Happiness – in all relationships and help others to be happy as well
  • Long-term change – lasting, positive habits that are continually reinforced
  • Better ideas – through teamwork and people who care
  • Purpose – clarity of purpose + people to share it with
  • Direction– design a clear path of your journey and next steps

And how does it work?

  • Napoleon Hill’s principles and proven System of Success
  • Total portfolio of non-profit fundraising tools across an endless array of donor scenarios
  • Training and education that doesn’t fade away
  • One weekly meeting of one hour
  • Intimate groups of 6 people
    • Everyone commits
    • Everyone has a partner
    • Everyone participates
  • Online from your home or office

What do you have when participating in an on-going MasterMind Group?

  • Success in your chosen field
  • Making a positive difference
  • Leveraging the most from your time, money, and talents
  • Development of new skills to become more productive
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • Being more – for yourself, your family and your organization

 I know that these statements are true from personal experience and work in a mastermind group myself.

 If you feel that you can’t afford it or don’t have time to pursue this, I urge you to think beyond those objections.  In my case, I have 5 children and I doubt that anyone reading this has less in their bank account than I did when I began working with a MasterMind team.

 The real questions are– how are you choosing to spend your time and money?  If you want to be more successful in your endeavors, what are you willing to risk in terms of time and money to make it happen?  Asked another way – how badly do you want those things we described above?

 If you are in non-profit work of any kind, you owe it to your organization and to yourself to investigate further and discover what needs and desires a MasterMind Group can meet in your life.  Check out the MASTERMIND tab of this blog.  Listen to the weekly radio show (see the RADIO tab of this blog), and give us a call to ask more questions.

Laura Anne Miller – 614-915-4324


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