Time Well Spent

Americans always know what time it is, but they never seem to have any . . .

–          Anonymous European

 When I host online Mastermind sessions, I ask two questions:

1)      What do you want most for yourself or your organization?

2)      What are the primary obstacles keeping you from reaching that desire?

 The answers to #1 are inspiring, visionary and noble – and every one distinctly unique.  The answers to #2 are almost always the same:  Not enough time and not enough money.

 Regarding TIME – every day has 24 hours – we all have all there is.  It is not a lack of time that is the obstacle; rather, it is how we are choosing to use that time.

 Regarding MONEY – when you spend your time wisely and strategically (as related to your purpose), the means for accomplishing any aspiration will develop.

 Consider these common uses of time and money:

Activity Your $$ Your Time/Year Your Time/Week
MBA – online from a highly respected University  $89,000 over 2 years 500+ hours 10+ hours
Hiring a non-profit organizational and fundraising consultant  $50,000 per year 100+ hours 2 hours
Attending seminars and executive coaching sessions  $4,000 per year 180 + hours 3.5 hours
Entertainment-          Cable TV

–          Movies

–          Concerts

–          _________


 $ _________

per year

 __________ hours


 __________ hours

ßYou fill in the blanks

  In our Mastermind Groups for Non-profits, we help each other to maximize TIME to raise more MONEY.  While working on an advanced degree, engaging in continuing education and working one-on-one with a coach are edifying pursuits; consider the amount of time and money spent in relation to what those activities can do to help achieve real success.  With Mastermind groups and accountability partners, we have an on-going system for personal and organizational improvement at much lower costs – both in time and money.

 Mastermind Groups are a proven method of time management:  learning how to do more in less time and with less effort . . .  In addition, the Mastermind Groups for Non-Profits add a specific education element focused on the most effective fundraising methods.

 If you are ready to take action and remove the obstacle of  “tempus fugit”, then join us for a sample Mastermind Session . . .  Click on the MASTERMIND tab for more information.

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