Make a powerful difference

Consider these questions:

What do you really want to accomplish for yourself and your organization?  What are the current challenges preventing you from realizing that vision?

Many of you reading this blog are either on staff at a non-profit or are active in promoting a philanthropic organization as a volunteer or board member.  Despite that, these questions can be challenging.  You are busy doing good work – but are you and your colleagues as effective as you could be?  Are you engaged in frenetic activity or purposeful, planned action? 

What are your board meetings and committee meetings like?  Compare the percentage of time you talk about doing something and the time you spend actually doing it . . .  Are you making the wisest choices for the future of your organization and those you serve?

If you continue on the path you are currently on – will you accomplish your highest aspirations?

By joining a Mastermind group, you can commit a small portion of your schedule each week to dramatic improvement in your situation.  Take a look at the MASTERMIND page of this blog for more information.  The next introductory web call is Monday, July 18, 2011 at 7pm Eastern Time/USA.  Please make plans to join us.

We welcome all those desiring to explore new growth in themselves and their organizations –

regardless of the economy!

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