Use Business Cards to Promote your Organization

10 powerful ways to use your business cards

By Beth Davis, Founder/CEO of Gold Star Referral Clubs

While this was written for small businesses, it is applicable to your non-profit work as well. . . . LAM

  1. Never leave home without them: Keep a supply handy at home so that you can restock your wallet/purse every day when you leave.
  2. Give and Receive:  The best way to get someone to want your business card is to ask for theirs.
  3. Insert a card into all your mail:  Starting today, don’t ever seal an envelope without your card in it, even your bills.  The person that opens the envelope might know your next best client.
  4. Be generous:  Business cards are the best value for your advertising dollar.  Be able to give someone as many as they ask for.  Always offer 2 – 1 for the person and 1 for them to pass along.
  5. Be ready at every occasion and any occasion:  You can never predict when it’s a good time to give a business card.  Buffet line, gas station, birthday party . . .
  6.  Ask for a referral:  You will be surprised at how well people will respond to, “Here are two of my cards.  I would appreciate a referral and would welcome a call from you or family or anyone you know you may need a ____”
  7. Visit trade show:  Ask for business cards from the show vendors, give yours in return.  Read some of their card out loud and ask them about what they do.  Make a friend.  Then follow-up.
  8. Make it a coupon:  Hand-write a special offer or a discount for your service or product on the back of your card.  Initial it.  Invite them to visit your business.
  9. Attach a small gift to your card:  Attach a mint, a specialty cookie or other small (but useful or tasty) promotional item.
  10. Brand yourself:  add your tag line, hook or quote

BONUS CHALLENGE from Laura Anne Miller:

Hand out 50 business cards per day:  the owner of a local termite inspection/pest control company does this.  In the morning, his wife hands him 50 cards, and he is under orders to return home with NONE.  He uses the above techniques and takes every opportunity to give people his cards.  He came to town knowing no one, and in a few short years became the leader of a thriving and wildly successful business.  Every real estate agent in town knows him and most use his services . . .  Think of creative ways you could accomplish this challenge goal!

This, of course, means that you have to get out from behind your desk every single day and go promote your organization.  You cannot spend all your time perfecting the website, writing mass mailings and planning the next “event”.  Use your imagination and think like a salesman.  Call me to discuss – 614.915.4324 – Laura Anne Miller


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