Get unstuck – NOW

Do you feel as if your organization has gone stagnant?  Have you been engaged in frenetic activity to increase donations,but the results have been less than you’d hoped?  Have you not had the success you desired on grants or major gifts?  Are you tired of blaming the “bad economy”?

An organization, like a person, can get in a rut:  the message goes stale, inefficiencies crop up, funding dynamics shift downward and relationships aren’t working.  Years of observation and experience have shown me that often it takes only one or two small changes to make tremendous impact and shift the forward/upward momentum.   

Getting Unstuck:

The first step in the process with my clients is to conduct a Current Reality Assessment.  In this step of the process, clients receive a comprehensive review of 8 areas of the organization to get a “where we are now” picture.  The client provides the requested information, and we produce a report that makes observations and recommendation for action.  The focus is on ways the organization can improve so as to become more attractive to potential donors.  The emphasis is on making it possible to get more funding in the door.

Knowing that especially smaller non-profits may be in a near-desparate position right now, I am making an offer to help your non-profit get “unstuck” and shift that momentum.  Organizations that sign up by June 10, 2011 will receive a comprehensive Current Reality Assessment for a deeply-discounted rate:  $500 (normally $1750).   3rd party reviews of grant proposals/grant requests are available for $200 per proposal (again – must sign up by June 10, 2011)

These are pre-paid, non-refundable services.  It is designed to give you an unbiased perspective and perhaps expose some blindspots that could make an enormous difference for your organization.  Most important, you will have definitive first-step actions that you can take immediately to get you what you want. 

If you are interested in the observations and recommendations of an outside observer with experience in philanthropic endeavors, contact us at:  614.524.4264.  You may also email us at

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