Non-profits working harder . . .

This news story came across my desk today:

Non-profits working harder/Donations still down

How are all those events working for you? – if you are like the organizations in this article/survey, probably not as well as you would like . . . and you are putting more time and effort into them. 

Why work harder when you can work smarter to bring in revenue?  PhilanthropyPlus has 2 “shovel ready” plans that are low/no cost ways to increase revenue now, and build meaningful realtionships in planned giving. 

Did you know that Planned Gifts average about 20-25 times the size of the average annual gift?   In addition, it solves a whole host of problems for small businesses, family-run enterprises, and high-net-worth families.  But don’t be fooled – it takes an authentic person willing to focus on servicing the donor.  It also takes time:  about 18 months-3 years of CONSTANT cultivation before the gift is “official”.

So, in the meantime, you are under pressure to produce results NOW.  That’s what the PhilanthropyPlus processes can do for you.  Contact Laura Anne Miller to get started on a path that leads to an increasing stream of diversified revenue.

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